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Welcome to our Web Links library. Here you will find links from all over the Portal. You can browse through the links or you can search for something in particular: simply enter your key words and click ‘Search’. And you can submit a web link by clicking on the link below – but, because we only promote free resources, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ADVERTISING LINKS TO SITES WHICH CHARGE. Birmingham Grid for Learning includes links to websites provided by other organisations. The BGfL is not responsible for the content of these sites and accepts no liability for material within them. When following links to external sites, you are leaving BGfL's website (
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A simple tool for teaching programming – and it's free (not to mention a nostalgia trip for more senior teachers….) This programming environment runs under Windows, but still enables the principles of programming to be taught, as in pre...
Lyrics Training is a way of learning and improving languages skills whilst singing along to pop songs. You choose one of 7 languages - English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian - and from three levels of difficulty...
A useful discussion showing how teachers can protect their safety when using social networking sites and systems. With the increasing pressure to avoid these sites this advice is essential for all educational professionals.
This web site provides a range of resources and teacher guidance as well as being a good research base for students in relation to sustainable design, the environment and alternative technologies. A good site as a starting point.
A website that has been set up by the Apple ‘Distinguished Educator’ Ian Wilson to promote the use of iPads in UK education. It offers a useful discussion forum and source of information.
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