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UKYP Elections 2012: Vote opens Monday 23rd January at 10am
UKYP Elections 2012: Vote opens Monday 23rd January at 10am

If your pupils are between 11 and 18 years old, then from Monday 23rd January, then please let them know that they can ...


1. Vote and comment on their UK Youth Parliament candidate - so they get to have a say in decisions in Birmingham that affect THEM
The candidate with the most votes in their area will become their next MYP. They can watch their video and make up their mind who to vote for.

 And ...

2. Vote and comment on the issue THEY feel most concerned about:
Activities    Alcohol    Bullying    Changes in your life    Climate Change    Drugs    Education Pressure    Planning & Regeneration    Poverty
Public Image    Racism    Relationships & Sex Education    Religion/Faith    Respect for others    Safety    Sexuality    Transport    Violence in the community

 Or ...

3. If a candidate is standing in your school, then pupils may have the choice to vote using a ballot box!
But remember, they can only vote once.

Want to know more? Check out the Online Birmingham UKYP Election 2012 site or the FAQs below.

So ...

Vote 2012 ... Voice is Power! ... Vote 2012 ... Voice is Power! ...  Vote 2012





Q1: What’s an MYP? A DMYP?
A: An MYP is a Member of the Youth Parliament. A DMYP is a Deputy MYP.

More:   National UKYP    West Midlands UKYP    Birmingham

Q2: How is it decided who wins the vote?
A: The person with the most votes in each area will become the MYP for that area.
     The person with the second highest votes will become the DMYP.
     So we hope to elect 5 MYPs and 5 DMYPs for Birmingham in the January 2012 Elections!

Q3: Who can vote?
A: Anyone 11-18 years old in Birmingham.

Q4: Where can I vote?
A:  In school or online at:

Q5: When can I vote?
A:   Voting lasts three weeks: 23rd January 2012 - 10th February 2012.
      Results are announced 24th February 2012 at the Council House in Birmingham city centre (4.30 - 6.30pm).

Q6: Who can be a Birmingham MYP or DMYP?
A:    Anyone between 11 and 18 years who lives, works or attends school in Birmingham.
       We currently have 29 candidates for the 2012 Elections!

Q7: How many MYPs is Birmingham allowed to have?
A:    Up to 5 MYPs and 5 DMYPs.

Q8: Do they represent all of Birmingham?
A:    They will represent one of five areas:

  • Ladywood and Perry Barr
  • Sutton Coldfield and Erdington
  • Hodge Hill and Yardley
  • Edgbaston and Northfield
  • Selly Oak and Hall Green

Q9: How long do they stand for?
A:   2 years! (A two-year term of office until the 2014 UKYP Elections).

Q10: What IS the UK Youth Parliament?
It is a UK organisation for young people between 11 and 18 years who are democratically elected as MYPs in the UKYP Elections.
     Their role is to represent the views of young people in their area to those in power to make decisions (government and service providers).
     More:   National UKYP    West Midlands UKYP    Birmingham

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