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Welcome to the News Centre. Here you can see a list of all notices published on the portal. You can search for archived notices by entering a few key words in the box below and clicking on search.

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School Staff Discounts   

Birmingham City Council provides a 25% discount for all its staff at its leisure and fitness centres.  See the Sport and Leisure Discount page on the staff web site for full details.  Remember that you must be Logged In to your Birmingham office or school network to visit :  ...

Go to the Leisure Discounts web page     04/04/2012
BGfL website March 2012: 2.7 million page views from Birmingham schools   

And here's some more groundbreaking traffic stats ...

  • Overall traffic: received at least 3,487,901 page views
  • Target audience success:  Almost 8 out of 10 (78%) of visits were from Birmingham schools (ie 2,720,562 of the...
The Birmingham Grid for Learning Website     03/04/2012
National Citizen Service   

This summer all 16-year-olds are being offered the opportunity to get involved with the second year of the National Citizen Service (NCS).

They will gain valuable life experience and new skills, make friends from all walks of life and prepare...

Go to the NCS web for full details     Go to the Facebook page for NCS    
London 2012 World Sport Day   

On Monday 25 June it’s London 2012 World Sport Day, presented by Lloyds TSB. This is the final UK-wide Get Set event before the Games begin, giving thousands of schools and communities the chance to celebrate the athletes and cultures of...

GO to the World Sports Day web page     26/03/2012
The Olympic Torch Relay   

Between 19 May and 27 July 2012, the Olympic Flame will travel across the UK through more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages. Last week the street-level route was announced, so students and teachers can see how close the Torch will come to their school: ...

Go to the Olympic Torch page     26/03/2012
Paget Primary School   

Paget Primary school aims to provide the best possible opportunities for all their children. Children at Paget come from a range of home backgrounds, cultures, abilities and religions and all get on extremely well together to make a kind, warm...

Paget Primary School website     Find out more about School Website of the Week    
Video of the week - Social Media facts   

Take a look at some interesting statistics about the use of social media.

BGfL will be featuring a video each week which can expand the teaching and learning experience.

Video is one of the most powerful tools for teaching and for learning.

Why? ...

Watch the video!     Video of the Week on    
App of the Week - TanZen Lite   

There are many tangram puzzle apps, this is just one free example, which is popular in the iTunes store. This app has 54 free puzzles, where you try to fit all seven pieces, called tans, within the shaded area without overlapping. Relax and...

TanZen Lite - iTunes     App of the Week on    
Who will it be next? It could be your school...   

Schools are now closed for the Easter break.

Who will be featured next as School Website of the Week? Find out could even be your school. It's easy to nominate a school website. Simply send an email to

Find out more about School Website of the Week     07/03/2012
Story Wood School & Children's Centre   

Story Wood aims to be a happy and exciting setting where they will provide an excellent education for all their children.
The school has high expectations of themselves and each other and want every child to reach his/her full potential.

Story Wood School & Children's Centre website     Find out more about School Website of the Week    
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