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Video conference guidance resources   Video conference guidance resources
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These resources include guidance for the safe use, good classroom practice, lesson planning and some practical ideas to get started in the classroom! 
Resource Support Notes:

Video Conference Guidance

Guidance for the safe use of Video Conference equipment in school environments. This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the school’s Internet Security policy statement.


Good practice in the use of video conferencing

This article was written by Geoff Turrell (Athena EAZ) after six years of using video conferencing.


VC project case study - Numeracy teaching KS1

This case study takes you through the lesson planning, the research needed to support the lesson, the technical issues and a detailed evaluation from all participants.


Practical Ideas for VC Projects

This contribution gives examples of projects that are designed to give some indication of the range of practical video conference activities that are already part of the flowering video conference learning networks emerging across the country.

Group Affiliation:
Teaching, Management 
Teaching - General, Management - General, Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Citizenship, Com. Languages, D&T, Dance, Drama, English, Foundation, French, Geography, Geology, German, History, ICT, Italian, Latin , Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, PSHE, Physics, RE, Spanish, Other Subjects, 21C Learning, Teaching and Learning  
Age Relevance:
Adult and LLL, Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16, SEN 
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Ken Bearman 
Ken Bearman 
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