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Birmingham Schools Census Project   Birmingham Schools Census Project
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The city council is trying to reach out to its residents in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of the upcoming census. One way it is doing this is by helping young people in school understand more about the census through a series of lessons. As a result of these lessons it is hoped young people will have an understanding of the intentions behind the census and some key points regarding issues such as confidentiality. 
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Birmingham City Council is working in Partnership with School Effectiveness on a project to help raise awareness and understanding about the 2011 Census.  The city council are supporting the Office for National Statistics, who run the census with a range of promotional activities. School Effectiveness has been asked to take forward the ‘Birmingham Schools Census Project’. 

The aim of the Project is to increase young people’s understanding of the census in the hope that they will take positive messages home and support their families to complete the census questionnaire. The following are some suggested lessons that will help introduce the census to pupils.

The lessons have been designed so that schools have the flexibility to use them in a way that suits their own delivery of Citizenship, or schools may want to adapt them for shorter sessions such as assembly presentations. They are aimed at year 10 pupils but may be adapted for other school years. To have the most positive impact on Birmingham’s return we would like schools to use them between February and mid April 2011, so pupils are taking the key messages home when the census questionnaire drops through the door. Version:1.0

More information on the census can be found on the Office for National Statistics website:

The following links can be used to view some of the resources and support materials available to schools a CD-ROM is available that contains support materials and lesson plans if you would like a copy please email:


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Download Census Schools Lesson Plans     Census Poster
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