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Local Councillor Shadowing Programme   Local Councillor Shadowing Programme
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Every day, councillors make decisions that affect the lives of everyone in their communities. So why shouldn't young people have a say in them? The Youth of Today's local councillor shadowing programme gives 600 young people the chance to do just that, by experiencing the day-to-day role of a councillor. Young people can work alongside councillors to learn leadership skills, have their say and make a positive difference to their local community. Councillors can use the opportunity to bring young people closer to understanding how decisions are made, and inspire a new generation of leaders.  
Resource Support Notes:

To view further information related to the Shadowing Programme please see The Youth of Today's Website

Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Teaching, Parents/Carers, Governors, Management, Study Support 
Pupil/Student - General, Teaching - General, Parents/Carers - General, Study Support - General, Citizenship, PSHE, Citizenship Education, Curriculum Development, Differentiation, UKYP, Youth Parliament, LACES 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16, SEN 
Copyright Holder:
The Youth of Today 
The Youth of Today 
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