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MYP Interviews May 08: Extracts   MYP Interviews May 08: Extracts
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Snapshot of thoughts and experiences in first couple of months as an MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) or DMYP (Deputy Member of Youth Parliament). 
Resource Support Notes:

2 Interview questions used to generate content:
What has it been like in your first couple of months as an MYP? 
How does it feel?  What changes?  Surprises? Insights?  

PSHE and Citizenship: 
The role of MYP or DMYP offers:

  • Power to make a difference - to influence decisions about things in young people's lives (eg: press perceptions of youth, local policy on sex education in Birmingham schools, government policy on voting age/tuition fees, safety and the police ...)
  • Authority to speak on young people's behalf in meetings and committees eg: sex education scrutiny (current)
  • Insights into how other young people think - sometimes a culture shock to candidates
  • Opportunities for personal growth as they play a significant role in the adult world of politics, without patronisation; public speaking; public status;  so developing emotional intelligence and maturity, and respecting, listening to understanding others' needs
  • Reasons for political understanding and activism - something not generally well-developed in under-18s.
  • Political role-modelling to other young people who may be considering standing for the UK Youth Parliament elections next February
  • General  role-modelling  to young people regarding taking control, decison-making, taking responsibility for making a difference (as opposed to apathy or indifference), playing adult roles in an adult world


Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Teaching 
Pupil/Student - General, Teaching - General, Citizenship, English, PSHE, Youth Parliament, BGfL Podcasts 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16 
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