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Keeping IT in the Family - Using email   Keeping IT in the Family - Using email
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A set of cartoon books helping you teach the members of your family IT skills. 
Resource Support Notes:
There are five areas which this resource supports.
  • Getting Started
  • Searching the Internet
  • Using email
  • Shopping and services
  • Digital photos

The resource recognises that you, the pupil, are a 'Digital Native' and probably have the highest level of IT skill within your family group. This resource should be able to help you teach some of those great IT skills to your family members.

Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Teaching, Parents/Carers, Adult and Life Long Learners, Study Support 
Pupil/Student - General, Teaching - General, Parents/Carers - General, Adult and Life Long Learners - General, Study Support - General, ICT 
Age Relevance:
Adult and LLL, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16 
Copyright Holder:
Browser Plugins Required:
Adobe Reader 
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