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Greg Gebherts PowerPoint Resources   Greg Gebherts PowerPoint Resources
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This is a Greg Gebhart resource. Greg is an Australian High School Teacher who has been using PowerPoint in innovative ways 
Resource Support Notes:

Greg has been using PowerPoint to support learning and teaching in innovative ways. This activity allows you to access some of his resources and also download them to PowerPoint so that you can see how they are constructed.

Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Teaching, Parents/Carers, Adult and Life Long Learners, Governors, Management 
Pupil/Student - General, Teaching - General, Parents/Carers - General, Adult and Life Long Learners - General, Governors - General, Management - General, ICT 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 
Copyright Holder:
Greg Gebhart 
Greg Gebhart 
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