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Canterbury Cross Primary Resources   Canterbury Cross Primary Resources
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These resources have been generously donated by Canterbury Cross Primary School. All the activities have been created by Phil Thorneycroft, one of their teachers. 
Resource Support Notes:

All the resources are individual, stand alone programs.

To open a program: click on the title and then either select 'Open' to start the activity straight away or 'Save' to make a copy of the program to your local drive for use later.

Because all the files are classed as 'executable', for security purposes they may not work on some classroom machines. If this is the case then refer this page to your ICT Coordinator or technician who will be able to download the files for you.

Summary of the 33 resources

1. 2D Shapes
Naming shapes
Sorting shapes according to sides, angles, symmetry

2. Abacus (Y2+)
For 4 digit place value, addition and subtraction
3. Area (Y4+)
Area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles.
Advanced: Hypotenuse using Pythagoras' theorem
4. Colours (MS clip art) (F-Y1)
Match and name colours and simple shapes.
5. Conversion (Y4+)
Length, weight, money (£ to p).
Multiply and divide by 10 and 100.
6. Count (F-Y1)
Introduction to counting objects (5-20).
7. Dice (Y4+)
Probability of dice totals.
8. Division (Y5+)
A formal method of long division.
9. Estimation (Y2+)
Estimate points on a number line.
10.Flower (Y3+)
A T/I science simulation on the growing of plants.
The variables are water, temperature, light intensity, plant food, salt and soil depth.
11.Fractions (Y4+)
Grids: colouring given fractions or %s, identifying fractions or %s.
Money: Calculate fractions and %s.
12. Function Machine (Y3+)
All four operations from 1-step addition to 2-steps with all 4 operations.
13. Grid Multiplication (Y5+)
Grid multiplication method for larger numbers.
14. Guess (MS Clip Art) (F+)
One pupil secretly chooses a picture. The other asks yes/no type questions using elimination to identify secret picture.
15. Key Words (sound files needed) (F-2)
Visual and Aural matching and spelling of key literacy words for reception (45) and Year 1 & 2 (158).
16. Length (Y2+)
Simulate measuring using a school ruler to nearest whole cm, nearest half cm and mm.
17. Letters (sound files needed) (F+)
Learn the letter sounds and names and identify on the screen or keyboard.
18. Logic (Y3+)
Work out the colours and sequence of hidden pegs using trial, improvement and logical reasoning.
19. Money
Use coins and notes to count money, pay correct amount and give correct change.
20. Multiply
Learning multiplication tables from zero to ten.
21. Number Bonds (NC L2-L6)
Mental addition and subtraction.
22. Numbers (sound files advisable) (Y2+)
Read and hear and then write numbers in numerals or words.
23. Ordering Numbers
Arrange five numbers in numerical order. Can include negative and decimal numbers.
24. Clock
Analogue and digital times shown on the clock face.
25. Decomposition (Y5+)
A formal step by step method of subtraction for numbers up to a hundred or thousand.
26. Round It
Rounding to nearest 10, 100 and 1000.
27. Scales
Weighing with bathroom scales up to 100kg.
28. Sea Rescue (Y4+)
Rescue drowning people in the sea using a variety of rescue vehicles using 4- or 6- figure grid references in all four quadrants.
29. Time (Y4+)
Read bus timetable and work out the journey times. 
30. Volume (Y4+)
Finding volume of cuboids in cubic cm.
Measuring and making amounts of water (ml) in calibrated cylinders.
31. Weight (Y3+)
A simulated balance weighs in grams up to 5000g.
32. Fish (Y5+)
A sophisticated simulation to create fish to explore probability, risk taking, making money, investing in the future, making choices and of course mental calculations.
33. Paint Mix (Y3+)
Mixing colours for customers from red, blue and yellow dyes.
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Pupil/Student, Teaching 
Art & Design, English, ICT, Mathematics 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 
Copyright Holder:
Phil Thorneycroft/BCC/Netmedia 
Canterbury Cross Primary School 
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Windows Media™ Player 
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