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League tables show 440 schools have failed to meet GCSE targets   

Half of pupils leave secondary school without a GCSE or equivalent in science, according to the latest published annual school performance tables.

It is revealed that 440 schools failed to meet the target of 30% getting five good GCSEs...

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Children with ADHD   

A recent study from the Universities of Strathclyde and Dundee suggests that children with ADHD have very poor short-term memories. Access a summary of the report here.

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Free food training for primary teachers   

The food in schools primary training is an initiative funded by the DCSF, this means it is free to all schools in England. Training is provided in local bases to enable schools to build support networks and communities.

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Free online presentations and podcasts   

The D&T association aiming to keep up with modern technology, have launched a section for blogs, podcasts and includes access to a range of presentations from the recent D&T show seminars back in November 2008.

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Using mobiles in schools   

According to BBC World Service programme Digital Planet columnist Bill Thompson, mobiles in schools are not necessarily bad but they need careful management. This thought-provoking article is written in response to recent research in 2007/8...

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Violence in schools   

According to figures released today, the police were called to schools on more than 7000 occasions last year to deal with violent incidents. Is this an accurate portrayal of our schools today, or an indication of schools working more closely...

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Are standards in school science slipping?   
Over the summer more than 1,000 of the best students from all over the country sat a paper with questions from 50 years of science exams the Royal Society of Chemistry has put together to test the standard of science teaching in schools today. According to the RSC the results "demolish the...
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Bebo launches 'social inbox’   
Although social networking sites can demand careful monitoring, they do offer some unique educational opportunities if this can be managed. Bebo has become the first major social networking site to provide a one-stop "Social Inbox"...
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Pupils can beat internet safety filters   
Computers installed in schools usually come with an internet filter which is supposed to select out the dodgy stuff leaving children free to surf safely on the web, but pupils are using so-called proxy avoidance sites to hack out of their school...
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Free information from CILT offers fresh ideas for languages teachers   

Free information is now available to all language teachers on the new CILT website

Examples include:

  • inspirational examples of good practice
  • practical teaching ideas
  • latest languages news
  • training opportunities
  • opportunity to share your thoughts with...
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