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App of the week - Hamilton Animated Tales    

This week, a free app for iPod/iPhone/iPad from Hamilton Trust of animated tales. With the app download you get a free story then you can download further stories for free.

Birmingham teacher, Lisa Stevens says, "This looks a great resource...

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App of the week - Evernote   

Evernote is another fantastic free resource that can be extremely useful for teachers. It allows you to capture information in a number of ways and then makes that information searchable and accessible from your desktop, mobile device and the...

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App of the week - I want to be a... Pirate   

The app developer states: "I want to be a Pirate is an adventurous, sea-bound, mermaid and gold-loving interactive iphone story book for children."

According to Birmingham teacher, Lisa Stevens: "A wonderful story that is told in...

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App of the week - iTalk   

"My pupils love recording podcasts using iTalk for a whole host of uses I wouldn't even have thought of", Oliver Quinlan, Robin Hood Primary School.

iTalk Recorder Lite 4.0 is handheld recording the way it should be: simple, robust and...

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App of the week - Harmony Sketch   

This week, a website rather than an app but "it works great on the touchscreen: My class really enjoy using Harmony Sketch", Oliver Quinlan, Robin Hood Primary School.

BGfL will be featuring an app each week which can expand the...

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See what Oliver's class did with Harmony Sketch    
Girls think scientists make better role models than popstars!   

A new ICM poll on attitudes to women in science has shown that there are still some gaps in the public’s knowledge.

A majority of those questioned were unable to name a single famous woman scientist, but the good news was that as role models...

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Epic A-level results: One in 12 awarded A*   

In a year of unprecedented university applications for a decade, A-level students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have attained a record-breaking number of passes, with over a quarter of entries gaining either an A or A*.

The A-level...

Comment On This     19/08/2010
The social media surgery model - an emerging practice for adult beginners   

What is a social media surgery?

"A social media surgery is a pretty informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate campaign or collaborate. They are deliberately relaxed. You will get to sit alongside...

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A Birmingham social media surgery example    
The 2010 BGfL KS2 Maths Booster is now available!   

Miss Dee Vider's Relay Race is the latest maths activity to be added to School Booster on BGfL!

This is a fantastically engaging, purpose-built resource, tailored to the needs of Year 6 pupils looking for an easy and fun way to get to grips with...

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All the BGfL Maths Boosters    
First ever graduation ceremony for Children's University students   

Over 200 Birmingham students between 7 and 14 years old have graduated at a ceremony at the University of Aston in Birmingham!

The students were presented with their certificates in the Great Hall of the University on Tuesday 2nd March, in...

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