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Not going to uni?    This website offers a wide range of alternatives to going to university. These include foundation degrees, apprenticeships, distance learning and gap years. All advice is free and impartial.
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History learning site    There are masses of resources on this site, all uploaded by other history teachers. Key stage three is particularly populated, but there is some excellent material for KS4 and A level.
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Tabblo online stories    Tabblo is a really cool tool which allows users to build their own online stories from their own video or images. It could be very useful for presenting ideas or coursework.
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Wikis for everyone    Wikispaces is a fantastic free tool that allows users to collaborate on different projects. They can contribute to their very own wiki. Safe, secure and best of all, free!
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Animoto presentation tool    Animoto is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music. It could successfully be used by students to present work on different topics. A basic account is free to users.
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05/03/2011    A very useful website for free games, songs, stories and activities in French and English. In the Premium section (you will need to sign in for this) the languages also include Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
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Interactive map of France    This is an interactive map of France showing for example rivers and departments.
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BBC Primary Languages    This website offers language work in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Welsh. It includes topics such as numbers, family and weather. You will be able to find video clips of native speakers, games, interactive karaoke songs and activities to print.
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PE teaching resources    Here is a useful collection of resources for PE teachers at all levels. They are all free to download.
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Talk about Autism    The online community at aims to provide a safe and supportive space where parents, carers, families and people on the autism spectrum can discuss issues surrounding autism.
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