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Design and Technology Web Links
Welcome to the Design and Technology web links page. If you have a web link that you would like to send to us please use the submit link below.
There are 343 web links at this time. Showing web links 46 to 50, latest updated first.
Edutopia have created this free resource, to help educators get the most out of new media, follow the link below and enter your e-mail to access the free download link.
This blog has some great ideas and resources to get you thinking about using modern technology in your lessons. From novel ideas to software tips there is something for the new teacher through to the technophobe.
This website is an online resource version of the design magazine Core77. With lots of cool projects and designs, this is sure to give some interesting starting points for exam series students.
A portal of fun learning links including revision links for science KS3, GCSE AS and A2 sites. A lot of these sites will be familiar to you, but some are not and putting them all in one place will help you set your pupils off in the right direction
A fun interactive resource about Soho House, it includes 'The Lunar Society', 'Steam Engine Builder', 'The Herb Garden' and more. Flash player required.
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