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EYFS - Communication Language & Literacy Weblinks
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Voicethread is a free online collaborative tool that can be used across the curriculum to present, rehearse and assess learning. Ideas for use in the language classroom are presented in the Voicethread referenced below, made by Jo...
'A calligram is a poem, phrase, or word in which the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting is arranged in a way that creates a visual image.' Here are a collection of posts by Clare Seccombe about how to use calligrams in the language...
Storybird is a free online tool for writing stories. The site offers marvellous artwork from which to select the illustrations to inspire and accompany your story. Whilst currently you cannot currently publicly publish your MFL...
The Time4Learning website offers a range of free lessons in the form of interactive learning activities. Although the (American) parent website offers an online home-based learning system involving a cost, most of the free activities...
Enjoy a selection of stories read online by members of the Screen Actors Guild. Files are available for Windows Media, Real Player or Quicktime formats. Also available are lesson plans and activity ideas for teachers.
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