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EYFS - Communication Language & Literacy Weblinks
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Make your own monster and make it dance, sing, sneeze, explode and do lots of other things. Its great fun.
Superb site aimed at helping young children become confident users of the Internet. It is designed particularly to be used as part of the Literacy Hour. Each term a different seasonal story is the focus. Suitable for Key Stage 1.
Music for Early Years, Primary & Special Children. This web-site contains original action songs, music video, puzzles and much, much, more!
There are five big books here: The Swan, Sebastian's Waddle, In the Autumn, Pond Web and The Lost Cygnet. In addition there is a Sebastian's Rhyme Book. This is part of the Kent Grid for Learning site.
This facility will help you to find over a thousand lesson plans and resources across a wide range of subject areas. It is planned to add more over the months to come. The resources that link directly from the Teachernet website have been...
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