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Bass Software Services

Tel 303 8019.  Fax 303 8195

BASS Software provides schools, departments and centres within the Children, Young People and Families Directorate, with a quick and cheap way of obtaining software to cover a wide variety of needs, be they learning, management/administration, or just making the computers work.

We also have extensive records of all sales that have come through us for over 10 years in our licence database, that has proved an asset many times for schools concerning software licence managment and any ICT planning.

BASS Software is a Curriculum Online Registered Reseller, so schools can use their e-Learning Credits (Standards Fund 31c) for many purchases of learning software from many recommended software publishers.

On these pages you will also find information about

  • Microsoft and Generic products available through BASS Software

  • Curriculum Software available direct from BASS Software

  • Current bargain offers from publishers

  • Guidance on licensing terms and legal issues concerning the use of software, also advise concerning the increased importance of Software Licence Audit Managment

Bass Software - ordering software 2

Ordering for SCHOOLS

To purchase software you need to raise a signed SIMS / CMIS order on your school's finance system, or a signed Purchase Order from Cheque-book schools, ( the purchase order number will be on any licence generated )

You can then either mail to the address above or faxed. No orders will be taken over the phone ! When BASS Software recovers the amount from your budget, this will be done electronically by us, Cheque-book schools will be invoiced, which is why we need a signature

Licence documents will be sent to the school in duplicate. You should sign one copy and return it to BASS Software. Keep the other safe for any records and auditing.

Any queries should be referred to Harry Watkins Tel 303 8019. Fax 303 8195

Ordering for Departments

Sections of the CYP&F depts can order software from BASS  Software, but obviously cannot use e-Learning Credits. The CYP&F  for this purpose is defined as any part of the Children, Young People and Families Directorate, or anything supported by the Learning and Culture IT Section of the Resources Directorate.

Any other part of the City Council, or any body outside Birmingham City Council, is outside the scope of the licensing agreements negotiated by BASS Software and so we cannot supply them.

To order, send a memo or details of any internal PO (via Lotus Notes) to Harry Watkins in BASS Software. It should come from someone with the necessary authority to spend City Council money, and the information it needs to contain for the benifit of the Software Database records and arranging installation by Service Birmingham IT Support team are:

  • The name of the CYP&F section concerned, full address and tel number *
  • Contact information of all persons covered by the licences and requiring any installation, again full address and tel number*
  • Title(s) of the software wanted
  • Number of licences required
  • The budget code to be charged*
  • The amount (costs can be calculated from this website)
  • Agreement for BASS Software to recharge that budget that amount.*       
  • (*orders cannot be processed without this information)

Licence documents will be sent to the authorising signatory, in duplicate. You should sign one copy and return it to BASS Software. Keep the other safe for any records and auditing.

Any queries should be referred to Harry Watkins 303 8019.

                             Thanks in advance for your co-operation.




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