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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Noticeboard. Here you will find news, announcements and notices for staff involved in Teaching and Learning. You can use the contributions button above to send us news or information you think should be shared with the wider teaching community.
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School 'Olympics' to be launched
School 'Olympics' to be launched

The revival of competitive sport amongst schools is to be re-launched with a direct link to the 2012 Olympics. A range of sports will be included, with schools competing against each other in district leagues and then on to national finals.

National Insect Week 21-27th June
National Insect Week 21-27th June

Get hunting for ladybirds, beetles and bees in your school playground, as well as all things creepy crawly during this celebration week from the Royal Entomological Society. Access the web link for loads of resources.

BSF may form part of budget cutbacks
BSF may form part of budget cutbacks
After the election the prospect of an imminent budget raises the question of where any cuts may fall. No one can say for certain where these will be, but one area that might be affected is the Building Schools for the Future programme where new...
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