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 Teachers' Voice
Teachers' Voice is a brand new online area for Birmingham teachers only to have their say about our imminent Learning Platform and what difference it could make to teaching and learning.
Teachers' Voice is not designed to provide all the answers, but it does allow teachers to ask the key questions and to share their thoughts, insights and experiences in order to jointly develop some of the answers that we need. 

To register with Teachers' Voice, please send a brief introduction and your school DCSF number (for teacher status validation) to:
On this page ( you can browse some of the current highlights on Teachers Voice:

This week's Spotlight: What's a wiki?

Wikis resembles paper-based information, such as notes or lists. It's the differences that can transform learning!

If you are interested in the differences, you can find out more at Teachers' Voice.

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Induction Conference: From NQT to NGT

Are you a B'ham NQT? Going to the September Conferences on 21st 22nd or 23rd?

Get stuff or share stuff about the conference from the NQT Wiki at Teachers' Voice, the online space for Next Generation Teachers.
(Teachers' Voice homepage menu > NQT Wiki)

Or tweet your response @bhamnqts to the NQT Conference Question  "What does Transformed Learning look like?").
 We want YOUR ideas about this to share with others on bhamnqts, a Twitter page:

1) Go to
2) Create an account in 5 mins, if needed.
3) Tweet in 140 characters max your response @bhamnqts and include hashtag #bhamnqts to enable search.

Be a Wiki'd Tweetcher! Have your say in Birmingham.

Online safety

Teachers are expected to explore the advantages of online sites, including social tool such as wikis, blogs and social networking in order to transform learning.

So how do we manage internet safety?

Why not share your comments at Teachers' Voice?

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And in this month's Live Hot Seat is ...

 Tim and Roy
Facilitators of Teachers' Voice

date: to be announced
3.30 - 4.30pm

This Month's Live Debate Topic:
to be confirmed

VLEs - Just an email tool?

According to Ofsted, learning providers should:

"ensure that VLEs are designed to enhance learning and are not just a storage or communication facility"

Publish your comments and suggestions at Teachers' Voice.

More details at Teachers' Voice.

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What's Cotteridge Junior doing with MFL?

Find out more about Bonjour, a French Collaboration Project,  at:Teachers' Voice!

Making STRIDES with Student Voice

Find out more about the STRIDE forum at Teachers' Voice.

More details at Teachers' Voice.

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MAnage your learning about technology

... with an MA course in Birmingham!

Birmingham City University (BCU) is working in partnership with the Learning Platform Strategy Group (LPSG) to provide access to Master's Level modules that will help practitioners reflect on their use of technology to support learning & teaching.

You can find out more about the online module - or simply explore their fantastic resources at: Teachers' Voice.

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