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Whiteboard Tools (NNS)   Whiteboard Tools (NNS)
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This is a set of links to some highly interactive learning resources produced by the DfES to support mathematics. 
Resource Support Notes:
With the advent of whiteboards and projectors into the classroom this set of resources should help bring alive the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Each highly interactive resource is designed for use with a whiteboard and most areas of the NNS are covered. The majority of the activities open straight up although one or two of them need to be downloaded and expanded in advance prior to use. Links to the specialist, free software (WinZip or StuffIt Expander) together with instructions are contained in the main page for users who don't have these programs on their computers.

There are 31 different whiteboard resources included but please keep coming back as more are being added as they become available.  
Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Teaching 
Mathematics, Science 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 
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