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Matching Numbers to 20   Matching Numbers to 20
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This activity develops number recognition up to 20. 
Resource Support Notes:
The activity can be used for assessment or reinforcement of children's understanding of number sequence and counting to 20.

Clicking on the BGfL logo starts the activity. The activity begins with sequencing the numbers 1 to 20. After completing this first part, the number grid resets and the sequence becomes randomised.

On starting the activity a number card is revealed together with a grid displaying the numbers 1 to 20. The child has to locate and click on the correct number in the grid. Identifying the correct number will reveal the next card in the sequence and so on until the sequential activity is completed. Once all 20 numbers have been correctly placed the grid becomes blank and the cards appear in a randomised sequence.

An incorrect move will prompt the child to try again. If they seem to be experiencing difficulty a message will appear asking them to seek help. On completion of the activity a final score appears.

The activity can be restarted at any time by clicking the 'Refresh' button on the menu bar.

Pupil Notes

This game will help you learn to count to 20. Drag and drop the number cards onto the grid. There are three rounds, each one harder than the last.  
Group Affiliation:
Foundation, Mathematics 
Age Relevance:
Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 
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Adobe Reader
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Start the Activity     Download the Worksheet
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