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Environmental Studies Web Links
Welcome to the Environmental Studies web links page. If you have a web link that you would like to send to us please use the submit link below.
There are 79 web links at this time. Showing web links 11 to 15, alphabetically.
Climate change will effect historic buildings and environments in different and potentially devastating ways. This report includes useful summaries and illustrations of the impacts of climate change, for example the well illustrated...
The transcript of the Ask the Expert webcast in which Bill Giles answers questions on the weather and climate change from students at Thistley Hough High School, Stoke on Trent.
Activity to stimulate research and discussion with KS4 and 5 students on the impacts of climate change on transport and vice versa. It is linked to Ask The Expert webcast 4 but can be used independently.
Dr Lee Chapman gave a short talk and answered questions put to him by students from Thomas Alleynes School, Uttoxeter, on the theme of transport and climate change. This event was part of the WMnet Ask The Expert series. Use the link below...
Webcasts for KS4 and KS5 students from the WMnet Climate Change Programme
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