An introduction to the historical geography of the school's district

1980. John Morris Jones, Headmaster George Dixon Junior School

Preface The Birmingham Canal
Rotton Park William Hutton
The Natural Landscape 'Icknield Street'
Geology & Vegetation 'Perrott's Folly'
Tracks & Traffic A 1780 View From Ladywood
Ancient Britons Watermills
Roman Roads Soho Works
Metchley Camps Local Government
Anglo-Saxon Colonisation Enclosure Of The Heath
Birmingham The Telford Cut
Birmingham & Edgbaston Rotton Park Reservoir
Boundaries Railways
The Danes Water Supply
The Shires Public Parks
Hundreds The Gillott Estate
The Normans Urbanisation
Doomesday Book Ordnance Survey
Medieval Land Use ) Calthorpe Estate
The Foreign Tithe Maps
Why Birminghgam Grew Victorian Maps
Halls & Churches. City Road
Tudor Times Urbanisation To Date
Stuart Times Churches & Schools
The Civil War Public Transport
The Battle of Birmingham Present & Future
Edgbaston Hall Principal Sources
Turnpike Roads    

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