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Section 1: Tell us a little bit about yourself
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Section 2 - Multiple Intelligences

Now answer these questions by clicking on the box that you most agree with. There are 40 questions. You will need to answer every question before you click the "Finish" button.

  This is not like me at all I am very rarely like this This is a bit like me This is sometimes like me I am like this more often than not I am always like this
I can recognise and name different types of birds, trees and plants.
My mood changes when I listen to music.
I need to see something in it for me before I want to learn something.
I enjoy social events like parties.
I like working and thinking on my own and quietly.
I am good at mathematical problems and using numbers.
I enjoy writing things down.
I learn well from listening to others.
I am observant. I often see things that others miss.
I can use lots of different words to express myself.
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