Here are a few ideas that can be used in the classroom (or at home) to give your lessons that 'seasonal flavour'. Most of the activities are linked to the Art & Design or Design & Technology programmes of study.

Alternatively, the '12 days of Christmas' resource is a set of carefully chosen web-links which can be used as a 'website of the day' for the weeks leading up to the end of term.
Christmas jigsaw
What would Christmas be without a jigsaw? Here's one we made earlier!
12 days of Christmas
This is a set of carefully chosen web links which illustrate (or very loosely interpret) the infamous Christmas song of the same name.
Card display (PDF)
This is a nice, tidy solution to displaying Christmas cards in the classroom…and it uses up (recycles) those spare boxes in which the latest batch of computers arrived!
Christmas tree card (PDF)
A simple, yet effective way to make a card with a difference. Well suited to younger pupils or the less adventurous teacher!
Dancing Father Christmas (PDF)
Use the templates to cut-out, decorate and assemble into an articulated Father Christmas. Pull his string and watch him dance!
Paper snowflakes (PDF)
Some squares of paper, a pair of scissors and a blank expression? Then let us help you turn them into creative snowflakes for decorating the classroom.
Star shaped gift box (PDF)
For those of you with advanced card folding skills, or beginners with lots of patience, this template will produce a really creative pentagonal gift box with an interlocking star on its lid.
Stars (PDF)
Another classroom decoration idea. A really clever way to create perfectly formed 5-sided stars with just one snip of the scissors. See if you can work out the maths behind this one!