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Ask the Science Expert
Below is a list of all of the Secondary Science answers submitted to our expert. Use the search to see if your question has already been asked. If not click on the submit button to send in your question to our experts.
There are 134 FAQs at this time. Showing FAQs 41 to 45.
What is a Arthropod?
Thanks for teh question Chloê

The arthropod group is a very big group of animals. It includes animals with jointed legs and a skeleton on the outside like insects, spiders, centipedes, and millipedes. So, almost anything you find that has a...
What is the periscope and diagram of it?
A periscope is an optical instrument that allows a person to see as if from a position above their head, for example from behind a wall or from a submarine. In its simplest form it is an arrangement of two mirrors. Click on the link below and...
How does sugar dissolve
This is a particularly good question as sugar is a molecule that we might not expect to dissolve because it is a large molecule and has lots of covalent bonds.

What is special about sugar is that it is a molecule with lots of -OH groups...
How does surface area,concentration and temperature effect chemical reactions?

To answer this question you have to have an idea about how chemical reactions occur. A model that helps me understand chemical reactions is the collision model. In this the two or more constituents in a chemical reaction collide with...
Can I have some information on Arthritis.
You most certainly can.

Arthritis is the single biggest cause of physical disability in the UK and there is a good site which gives you a lot of background called Arthritus Care
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