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3-D Reconstructions - World War 1 Trench (BBC)
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This site contains a 3-D computer generated model of the Western Front Trench System as it was during WWI. The user is able to 'fly' over, around and through the trenches by using simple navigation controls. They can also pan, tilt and zoom in on the fully rendered images. Each feature in the trenches is identified by name and usage as well as a providing a detailed, rendered environment of 'no-man's land'. 
Resource Support Notes:
The model provides an informative view of the Western Front by recreating a ?motion? interpretation of the trench system which can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. The program can be used as a whole class introduction to the trench system of warfare or for more detailed investigation by small groups or individuals. Extended research skills can be prompted from the model such as 'Was the trench system a political or a military issue?' or 'To what extent did the defensive success of the trenches extend the duration of the war?'

Curriculum Links
History Unit 6f Key Elements 1a, 2b, 2d, 3a, 3b, 4a, 5c. Link to Scheme of Work Primary History Unit 17 (Year 2) What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?  
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Key Stage 2 
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