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Boudicca's Revolt   Boudicca's Revolt
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Through this story there is an opportunity to explore the key skills of historical enquiry and interpretation. 
Resource Support Notes:
This is an interactive story about Boudicca's Revolt but seen through the eyes of four different characters; Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni), Tosutigas (a Celtic farmer), Marcus (a Roman soldier) and Suetonius (the Governor of Britain).

Through this story there is an opportunity to explore the key skills of historical enquiry and interpretation. The story provides four different versions of events giving pupils the chance to consider the different viewpoints. An example of a classroom activity could be by splitting the class into four groups, each group tracking a specific version of events. By bringing the pupils together once they have investigated the material, a debate could be chaired whereby each group presents their findings and argues for their chosen character's beliefs and actions.

The story can be used as part of an existing scheme to enhance pupils' understanding or could be used as a basis for a complete scheme on the Romans in Britain.

Parts of the text contain highlights which, when clicked on, provide additional background information and links to other useful sites. At the end of each 'chapter' there are a number of suggested activities for pupils to either consider for further exploration in the classroom or to complete 'online'. All online activities allow a print to be made for teacher review and assessment.

In addition, included in the activities are a set of line-drawn versions of the graphics which can be copied, saved or printed to allow pupils to illustrate their own interpretations of the events.

This activity was generously created and developed by Tony Meechan, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Central England in Birmingham.

Pupil Notes

Travel back in time to Ancient Britain. Find out about the Romans and their battle with Queen Boudicca. The stories are told by four different people - the facts are the same but the stories are not. Can you help unravel the truth about history?  
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Key Stage 2 
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