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Until at least 2011-12 the existing primary curriculum will remain in force which means that:

•    The entitlement for all children in Key Stage 2 to learn a language remains in place
•    The Key Stage 2 Framework for languages is still available to be used as a national point 
      of reference
•    OFSTED will continue to report on primary languages
•    Earmarked funding to support primary languages is maintained until March 2011

In the long term the position of primary languages will depend on the review of the curriculum, which was to begin in autumn 2010. However, there is good reason to believe that Ministers will favour the inclusion of languages in Key Stage 2 as this government statement makes clear.

'...The Government believes that language skills are important to the social and economic future of the country.  Learning a language also helps children and young people understand the world in which they live and the different cultures of people around the world.  We know that over 90% of primary schools are already offering some language teaching to their 7-11 year olds.  Ministers appreciate the efforts that teachers are putting into making sure that children in primary schools are taught languages.  It is thanks to their work that pupils can not only learn a language but also come to appreciate other cultures.  Given its importance, primary schools that are teaching languages should continue to do so.  Funding has been given to local authorities to support primary languages until March 2011.  Any future funding will depend on the spending review which will report in the autumn, as well as on decisions about the status of languages within the National Curriculum.'

(Department for Education, 26 August 2010).



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