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KS4 Revision for English
KS4 Revision for English Welcome to the Key Stage 4 English Revision Page, initiated by Kerrise James, our BGfL English Associate and Deputy Head Teacher at Raddlebarn Primary School, Birmingham. You can BROWSE (scroll through the links), SEARCH (type in your own key words) or SHARE (a good revision web link or resource by clicking on the Submit button below). ADVERTISING LINKS TO SITES WHICH CHARGE USERS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.
There are 10 resources/web links at this time. Showing resources/web links 1 to 5, alphabetically.
Tom Barrett, a Primary Deputy Head from Nottingham, has once facilitated a really helpful collaborative document - this time on using Wordle in the classroom. Wordle is an online word cloud generator, and this document, to which many...
For your English language GCSE revision, you can download these BBC revision MP3 files onto your MP3 player or computer, read the text or just play them. There are 36 files covering key aspects of writing, poetry, reading and exam tips.
A detailed FREE guide to GCSE English and English Literature coursework essays. Step by step instruction on how to structure a successful coursework essay with detailed guidance on content. Written by an experienced Head of English and...
This site is aimed at Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level, IB and University levels, covering more than 30 subject areas.
This site offers some excellent tips for the WHAT, WHY and HOW of revision. At present it covers English, Maths, ICT, Physics, French and German. There are also some very useful tips about revision itself and how to make it effective....
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