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Maths Targets for Years 1 to 6
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'I can' target statements for years 1 to 6 taken from the Renewed Framework for Mathematics.  
Resource Support Notes:

The target statements are organised by year group under the same headings used by the APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) materials.

Under each heading the objectives from the core learning in mathematics have been included and then the 'I can' statements which build up to the achievement of that objective. These have been taken directly from the assessment pages of each block and unit and this is referenced next to the statement. For example A1 refers to Block A Unit 1.

Key objectives are highlighted in bold and objectives from the Year 6 to 7 progression are presented in italics.

The 'I can' statements are arranged in the order that they are encountered working through the Blocks and Units, with the earliest being at the bottom of the list. These targets are the easiest to achieve. The most challenging targets, which occur later in the year, are at the top. However, in places where a target is encountered more than once it has been placed in the most suitable place according to the challenge it presents.

The intention of these materials is to support teachers in selecting appropriate targets for their pupils and also to support those using the APP materials to refer back to Renewed Framework objectives when planning next steps for pupils. 


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View the Maths Targets    
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