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Alien Adventures - Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
A fun website all about Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery - find games, activities, puzzles and fun facts. Learn how to create landscapes, find hidden messages in portraits and more. Flash player required.
Aston Hall for Kids
An interactive resource based on Aston Hall including fun activities including Tudor food i.e. make a heraldic tart, decorate a sugar paste plate and goblet and decorate a boar's head. Flash player required.
This resource, generously donated by Athena, lists the key features for writing a short autobiography. It works very much like a PowerPoint presentation (clicking the next button). To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
Bemused about Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery? Well don't be. Be excited, be aware, be informed, be amused, don't just sit involved. Visit Bemused, a new website featuring videos, activities, gallery and a 'your say' topic areas.
Blakesley Hall for Kids
An interactive resource including 'The Building', Servants Room', Kitchen' and other interactive activities. Flash player required.
Body Parts
This is a simple interactive activity which helps pupils with English as a second language develop their reading and speaking skills.
Bonny , Banana and Mo
From the BBC Tikkabilla site. Quote from the site : The story from Bonny, Banana and Mo will be familiar through the characters from the television programme. This story will help your child's observation skills as there is little text. The story is told visually with sound effects. There are prompts to interact with the story, which will again encourage your child's listening and responding skills.
This activity allows you to create your own character and then talk and write about the person you have invented.
Choosing Adjectives
A drag and drop activity where you have to drag suitable adjectives into the spaces in a text. It is intended as a teaching tool as there is no checking facility.
Christmas Around The World
A factual Christmas website with a collection of 30 countries and how they celebrate Christmas, particularly focusing on history and tradition. The information is factual and presented as detailed text. It could be used as pupil research to produce reports or presentations using skills such as skimming and scanning, note making and a range of speaking and listening skills through presentations.
Coconut Words
This is a short, fun activity where pupils have to read a short sentence and find the missing word. The activity is based on a 'coconut shy'.
Coloured Text Mind Masher
Are you ready for your left brain to battle with your right brain. Sounds bizarre. Try this classy mind boggler if you're brave enough. This resource has been generously donated by eChalk Ltd.
Dick Whittington
The Dick Whittington story as told by the BBC Tikkabilla Site
Don't Use Said
A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work.
European Commission language quiz
A free quiz about languages across Europe from the European Commission. Each day a new multiple choice question is posted about one of the languages of the Commission. There's instant feedback with a second chance given before an explanation of the correct response is revealed. A resource that is useful for general interest and knowledge as much as language learning.
Exploiting the World Cup in MFL
Once more, the MFL Sunderland site provides a number of brilliant resources and ideas for using the World Cup in MFl teaching and learning. Simple ideas suitable for all age groups - ready made and also ideas to spark your creativity!
Extraordinary Earth
An interactive resource where you can investigate many objects from around the world and discover funny fascinating facts about the object! Flash player required.
Fact & Opinion
This drag and drop activity, generously donated by Athena, encourages pupils to explore the distinctions between fact and opinion based around mobile phones. To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
Film Education - film-related resources
This website offers a variety of film-related resources and ideas for teaching through film including screen adaptations of novels (such as The Kite Runner, Beowulf and The Polar Express) There are specific resources for both primary and secondary pupils.
Finger Spelling
This is an activity designed to familiarise students with a version of sign language called the British two-handed finger spelling alphabet. There are three different activities which test your knowledge of the alphabet.
Formal Letter Writing Part 1
This resource, generously donated by Athena, lists the key features for letter writing. It works very much like a PowerPoint presentation (clicking the next button) but don't miss the examples at the bottom of the last page! To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
Formal Letter Writing Part 2
This drag and drop activity, generously donated by Athena, encourages pupils to assemble a formal letter of complaint from its jumbled up components. To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
Frankley CLC eBooks Project
Staff at Frankley City Learning Centre have been running several 10 week projects in local primary schools to support literacy. The students used Toshiba NB100 netbooks in their Literacy lessons, which proved not only to be motivational, but also small enough to fit on a desk and still allow room for handouts, books, mini whiteboards and markers etc to be used alongside them. The ICT kit and a member of teaching staff were supplied by the CLC for 3 or 4 mornings per week to work together with the class teacher.
Goldilocks and the three bears
This is a BBC Snapdragon presentation. You can take the children through the story. It has voices as well as text. At the end there are lots of questions about the story. You can end the questions by quitting. When you come out of the story there are lots of other activities that you could get the children involved in.
The story of Herakles and his Twelve Labours is one of the most exciting and famous of all the Greek myths. You get the chance to read this exciting story and then complete the 12 tasks. Perfect opportunity to combine literacy skills with history in this cross curricular website. An Etymological Dictionary of words and their Greek origins has also been provided to enhance the children’s understanding of language.
Holding Hands
This Road Safety activity is designed to positively reinforce the concept that children need to hold onto something safe when they go out onto the pavement or road and they should not let go until they are in a safe place.
Initial Sounds
A resource that will help children identify initial sounds in words. All initial sounds are covered.
Letter Formation
A complete set of upper and lower case letters to illustrate letter formation generously donated by Athena. To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
List and instructions - Starter, Main and Plenary
A starter, main and plenary activity are included in this writing lesson.
Literacy Hour Resources
Literacy hour Resources for KS1 - Four activities: Final Phonemes; ch, sh, th; Consonant clusters & Full circle.
Look, Say, Cover, Type, Check
An interactive approach to teaching and learning spellings from Crick Primary School.
Make a Monster
Create, describe and discuss a character linked to a familiar text.
Make Beliefs Comix
This is a free online tool for creating comic strips, which could be used by pupils to support a wide range of curriculum areas, especially literacy, EAL, community languages, communication skills-based learning and special education needs such as autism or emotional difficulties. Because the resource offers a choice of emotions which can be portrayed by the comic characters, a particularly relevant use could also for the development of emotional intelligence, behaviour and PSHE issues best represented by examples in contexts.
Message in a Portrait
Discover the hidden coded messages and clues within the portraits. Flash player required.
Graphenes representing 'ie' sound. Consolidation work following previous lessons which have introduced children to the alternative ways of spelling the 'ie' sound.
Princess Long Ago
The Princess Long Ago story as presented on the BBC Tikkbilla site.
Quality Curriculum Support Online
There are tons of free learning activities on this subscription-based website. It is also cross-referenced and offers a catalogue of websites covering all curriculum areas from Foundation to KS3. The website is also speech-enabled.
R2L - Support Documents
Delivering an INSET as part of the R2L teaching resource
Ready 2 Learn
A KS2/3 resource providing a year's set of mini-lessons suitable for class assembly, PSHE, citizenship, RE, ...
Safe Places
This activity takes children on a trip around some familiar places in their homes and neighbourhood. The aim of the activity is to encourage children to consider where it is safe to play and where it is not.
Sentence Detectives
A useful site for teaching basic punctuation marks such as question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. Includes a download option.
Signs and Symbols
Find out more about signs and symbols in art, colour and its meaning and take the fun quizzes.
Sticky Letters
Move these sticky letters around to develop phonic and spelling skills. Take up the word challenge and see how many words you can make from the word twister. A really flexible resource from Crick Primary School.
Survival Guide
This is a simple multi-lingual resource, supported by audio, which helps non-English speaking recent arrivals to gain basic communication skills.
Templates - An Interactive Whiteboard Resource
Open ended resources without content that can be used from Foundation to KS5. Titles: 10 linked pages, Blank Shopping, Cycle 4, Euro Shopping, Multiple Word Bank, One Word Bank, Presentation 6, Romans, Shopping Veg 2.
TES Teaching Resources
Over 89,000 free teaching resources uploaded, reviewed and rated by members of the teaching profession. Free access to downloadable teaching resources, lesson plans, classroom activities, revision guides, whiteboard resources and access to Teachers TV.
The Lingo Show
The CBeebies website has just launched a lovely language offering aimed at 4-6 year olds called The Lingo Show. As the blurb from the BBC says - "The Lingo Show introduces different languages to a pre-school audience, sprinkled with a bit of culture. Play fun games and learn new words whilst helping ‘Lingo’ the ultimate show bug and his performing bug friends prepare for the ‘Big Bug Show’. Featuring French, Spanish, Mandarin, Welsh, Urdu, Punjabi, Somali and Polish. It’s a bug-lingual adventure!" The site launched with French, Spanish and Mandarin with Welsh following on St David’s Day. Urdu and Punjabi will be added on 14th March, and Somali and Polish on 28th March. So why not check out what Lingo, Queso, Jargonaise, Wei and the other bugs get up to on the site?
The Rupee Tree
A story from the BBC Tikkabilla series. Quote from the BBC Site : This story helps your child to explore cultures that may be unfamiliar to him or her while also expanding his or her social and emotional development. The interactivity of the story, where your child needs to click on objects to keep the narration going, encourages listening and responding skills. These skills will always be helpful for developing communication and language skills.
The Sun and the wind
This is a BBC Tikkabilla story. Quote from the BBC : The Sun and the Wind is acted out by Tamba, Lorna and Paul and may encourage your child to act out a story at home themselves. The theme of the story will also help your child's personal, social and emotional development while finding out about the world around them. There are related activities of a Weather Map printable to colour in and a Paper Windmill to make will help your child to understand more about the theme of the story.
The Tooth Fairy
The format follows that of a 'Big Book' where the text is supported by complementary pictures. The reading comprehension questions at the end of the book are intended as speaking and listening activities to support and extend understanding and develop vocabulary.
Using Similes to Enhance Writing Skills
A teaching aid to help children understand the use of similes in their writing. There is an option to download the teaching pack to your hard drive.
Virtual House
This is a virtual tour of a house aimed at supporting EAL speakers. The resource is available in a number of community languages.
Vowels - Long and Short Sounds
A drag and drop resource for discovering vowel sounds, generously donated by Athena. To make it full screen press the F11 key on your keyboard, press the key again to revert to your normal view.
Weoley Castle for Kids
Weoley Castle was once a Medieval manor house with an interesting history. Discover more about the castle through the interactive timeline and see what the castle used to look like. A fun and interactive website for children at Key Stage 1-2.
A useful site - enriched by witty sayings on each web page - offering a great range of primary literacy and numeracy worksheets and aiming to reduce teacher workload.
World of Teaching
Microsoft Power point presentations on science (and other subjects) that are free to download and use.
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