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Ask the Music Expert
Ask the Music Expert Below is a list of all of the Secondary Music answers submitted to our expert. Use the search to see if your question has already been asked. If not click on the submit button to send in your question to our experts. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT REQUESTS TO IDENTIFY UNKNOWN MUSIC TRACKS.
There are 44 FAQs at this time. Showing FAQs 31 to 40.
Please tell me about different kinds of piano.
There are many different kinds of piano around. pianos have also changed quite a bit since they were invented in 1709. Today we have the 'Concert Grand Piano' which would be too big to fit in most peoples living room. This type of piano is...
How do you recognise baroque music?
This is another difficult question to write about! The best way of recognising Baroque music is to listen to as much of it as you can! However I know that most people your age will not be tuned in to Radio 3 every night! The secret of...
I need to find two different versions of the same song. Can you think of any songs that have been recorded in different styles that I can use them to help revise for my exam?
There have been hundreds of songs that have been recorded in different styles. I will give you some ideas of those that I think you will know and be able to get hold of. A good song to start with could be 'Killing Me Softly'. Roberta Flack...
How do you get the beat right in classical music?
Dear Kara, If you are playing in a group like an orchestra, you need to keep an eye on the conductor as well as one on the music. Don't worry, with practice you will not go cross-eyed! You also need to have a little clock counting away...
My son is learning to play the cello. He tells me that he now knows "all the notes" needed for his first grade. How can I find out what notes he needs to know, and what other things he needs to know in order to achieve his grade? As you will have guessed,
Find out what exam board your son is working at. The syllabus for that board can be picked up free of charge in shops like 'J Pass' (Queensway). These books will give you the whole outline of the grade. Look at the scales that he is...
I want to be a DJ. How do I start and how much will it cost?
The first place to start is to listen to Dance music as often as possible and if you are old enough try to go clubbing as often as possible. You need to know what tracks lift an audience and what tracks go together. DJ turntables can cost from £50 - £500 each. With this...
I want to find out about Electronic Music. Can you tell me of any websites that might help me?
Try this site:
What is the ?Blues Scale? and how do I play it on the guitar?
The 'Blues Scale' is a scale that many rock/pop/blues/jazz guitarists use to make Riffs and improvise with. A scale is a group of notes that follow one after another up or down the guitar or instrument. To play the Blues scale on a guitar you...
What is a Riff?
A ?Riff? is a sound that repeats over and over in a piece of Music. The riff is very much linked with Rock Music in particular. The first riffs were played buy the Blues guitarists like ?Muddy Waters?, ?Bo Diddley? and ?John Lee Hooker?....
I am an electric guitarist. I want to be able to play the riff to ?Rollin?? by Limp Bizkit. Where can I get the music to this?
There are many guitar sites that will have this information. Try In future try using a search engine like and type in ?Limp Bizkit guitar tab?. Even better than that ? there...
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