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Ask the Music Expert
Ask the Music Expert Below is a list of all of the Secondary Music answers submitted to our expert. Use the search to see if your question has already been asked. If not click on the submit button to send in your question to our experts. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT REQUESTS TO IDENTIFY UNKNOWN MUSIC TRACKS.
There are 44 FAQs at this time. Showing FAQs 11 to 20.
Who is the composer and which orchestra is behind the Spiderman 2 trailer music.With the song title Lacrimosa

The Spiderman 2 trailer soundtrack 'Lacrimosa' was composed by Paul Dinletir and produced by Immediate Music.
Immediate Music is a 'growing collection of composers who work daily in film and television music.'

Use this link to find out more about Paul Dinletir ...

I learned to play the violin in Portsmouth and have passed grade 2 in it.After I transferred to Birmingham I was unable to find a violin teacher in the school .Where can I find a violin teacher?

Try contacting the Birmingham Schools Music Service. They are available on 0121 303 1175. For more information use the web link below.

Could you give me a description of what will happen at my Grade 3 trumpet exam and the names of some pieces of music that are Grade 3 standard please?
Hello! The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) runs exams for all types of instruments all over the country. There will be a local centre for you, which may be a church, community centre, school or other similar...
What is a major and minor scale?
An excellent question and one that I'll try to answer as clearly as possible!

There are 12 notes in an octave and a scale is a selected sequence of some of those notes. Both the major and minor scales use 7 notes. The difference ...

how loud can it go
I'm not too sure what you're asking here but let's think about (and any other sound) can be very, very loud - so loud that it can permanently damage your hearing.

Sound is measured in units called 'decibels' (dB). A teacher...

What is a Raga?
Strictly speaking, it should be referred to as Rag (a Hindi/Urdu word) which is an Indian form of music. The word Rag is derived from the Sanskrit word 'raga' meaning 'colour or passion'. There are many forms or styles of 'rag' which can ...
What does 'Prelog' and 'Slendrio' mean ?
I think you might have me stumped!

The only reference I can find for Prelog is for Vladimir Prelog, a Czechoslovakian-born winner of the 1975 Nobel Prize for Chemistry!

I wonder, did you mean Prelude? If so, then a prelude in music is an...
please could you show me how to set out a peice of manuscript paper
There are many different ways to set out manuscript paper - it depends on which instrument(s) you are writing for. For example, setting out a manuscript for a piano is totally different to that for an organ or a choir! The format for manuscripts is very visual so it might be easier to grasp the differences if you...
How do you compose for a string quartet?
That is such a huge question! The standard string quartet is usually made up of 2 violins, a viola and a cello with each instrument playing its own individual part. The composer writes a 'score' for each instrument and these individual parts,...
what is sound on sound?
Hi there Laura,

The generally accepted description of 'sound on sound' recording is:

"A tape recorder which allows a previously recorded track to be transferred to another track at exactly the same time as other sound is being added...
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