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Links and Resources

Here you will find further background information about Partition. Please click on the links below.


Partition of India

This gives an overview of the lead up to Partition. You do, however, need to sign up to the slideshare website to view it.

Memories of Partition websites

Through My Eyes - The IWM's very comprehensive site about Partition. There is a good summary of Partition as well as first hand accounts against which the interviews on this DVD can be compared.
BBC Partition - A Hindu, Muslim and Sikh talk about the experience and legacy of Partition
Memories of Partition  

BBC Partition Chetan Pancholi Feature

- feature re. music commissioned in commemoration of Partition
EMOHA - Interviews re. Partition
BBC Northamptonshire Partition Feature - memories from Northamptonshire
BBC India '07 Partition Birmingham Feature - Birmingham interviews
BBC Asian Network - BBC Asian Network FAQs about Partition
IWM Collections - IWM archive of photos

List of BBC websites re. Partition


Historic Figures


BBC Links


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