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Ask the Religious Education Expert
Below is a list of all of the Secondary RE answers submitted to our expert. Use the search to see if your question has already been asked. If not click on the submit button to send in your question to our experts.
There are 38 FAQs at this time. Showing FAQs 11 to 15.
Tell me about ceremonies of commitment in Christianity.
Hello T You asked about ceremonies of commitment. This depends on which denomination you belong to. In the Church of England, which is the national church, there is a ceremony called ?Confirmation? in which a person would make a promises to follow God and then be accepted into the church family. In the...
where can i find a copy of the hindu story rama and sita
Hi Charlotte. You can find the story of the Rama and Sita on a the following website www. Scroll down the page and find Ramayana 1. Click on it and it will take you to the first part of...
How can you make the teaching of the Lord's prayer interesting?
I think that teaching the Lord?s Prayer to music is a good way for children to remember the words. There are many versions in the Christina song books. To help children to understand the meaning of the words it might help to rewrite them in a style children can understand (look at Young Resources...
Where can i find a website where the children may hear the Muslim call to prayer being said?
Hi Veronica. You can download the Adhan: The Islamic call for prayer from the ?compsoc? site.
Help for Lesson on 'Why did Jesus tell stories?'
There are many lesson plans on the Curriculum-on -line website. Select ?Religion? and it will give you the lesson plans available. There are some plans there on both the stories and the miracles of Jesus ...
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