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2009 Children & Young People Matter
  Citizenship Education   - Resources/Getting Involved
News relating to citizenship & citizenship education, PSHE, religious education, youth & young people's parliaments, and other related areas.
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Too long looking at screens can lead to mental health problems

A university of Bristol study has suggested that children who spend too long looking at computer or TV screens are more likely to suffer psychological harm. The research suggests that the risk is increased still further if physical activity levels...

Do the Black History Month Quiz!

Do you know how many medals for bravery were won by Caribbean soldiers during the First World War?

Did you know that Walter Tull - a Black professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspur - died in the first Battle of the Somme in 1916? He was...

Asda free resources for school children aged 5-14

Asda have a range of free resources to download for students aged from 5-14, including interactive resources for topics such as food, health and hygiene.

GTCW Code of Conduct for social networking
While not statutory in England, the latest code of conduct for teachers in Wales, issued by the GTC for Wales, includes advice for teachers on using social networking systems such as Facebook.
This is the first formal code on social...
Poll suggests Internet access is a fundamental human right
The BBC world service has polled over 27,000 people around the globe, to gather opinions on Internet access – and nearly 80% of them felt that this was a fundamental human right.
Some countries have already decided that this is the...
Make a Difference Day

CSV runs Make a Difference Day, an annual campaign that inspires people across the UK to have a go at volunteering. They also create free lesson plans on a variety of topics from fair trade to health and diversity which inspire teenagers to get...

Epic A-level results: One in 12 awarded A*

In a year of unprecedented university applications for a decade, A-level students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have attained a record-breaking number of passes, with over a quarter of entries gaining either an A or A*.

The A-level...

The internet does not always widen horizons

"The internet has not become the great leveller that it was once thought it could be," according to Harvard academic Ethan Zuckerman. Mr Zuckerman was speaking at the TED Global (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference in...

Free energy display meter

Government cuts in budgets? Worried about your school's carbon footprint and high energy bills? Do these sound familiar?

Why not apply for your free energy meter and help the school save money. It can also be used to help raise...

Free European citizenship resources

Here are some great new interactive citizenship resources from the European Parliament.  Try out the new "Crisis Point" activity!  Great for promoting cooperation and decision making! 

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