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Short Term Planning Sheets
Maths planning     Literacy planning
These sheets can be used for short term planning for literacy and mathematics and include assessment for learning opportunities. 
Resource Support Notes:

The learning journey for the week can be pre-planned as normal so that whole class input on text level work or lesson introductions have already been structured.

In both literacy and mathematics the success criteria are intended to be reached by the end of the week not by the end of a single lesson.

The independent group activities are structured so that each group has an assessment opportunity built in. The teacher focus group  will be assessed as the teacher works with that group. The group doing practical or ICT work will use self and peer assessment. Independent group 1 will have quality marked work and independent group 2 will be targeted in the plenary. The next day the groups will move along so that the teacher group becomes the practical group and the plenary assessed group will become the teacher focus group etc. This should allow an even-handed use of different types of assessment and should cut down workload from both planning and marking.

The intention is that assessments will be jotted into the assessment boxes and the next day's independent activities planned using those assessments. The sheet should take minutes each night to complete rather than hours and should be a response to the pupils' progress towards the end of week success criteria.

The structure may be more useful for reading and analysis weeks in literacy than for writing weeks where you may wish to adapt the format.

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Primary Strategy 
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Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 
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Birmingham Primary Strategy Team 
Birmingham Primary Strategy Team 
Maths planning     Literacy planning
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